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Post  crowarg on Tue Aug 13, 2013 4:35 am

'Ello fagets, this here is Crowarg.

MY skypename is fepet2

I've never streamed anything, not even sure how i'd fair, my thoughts are im probably to old for this shit.
But seeing how horribly bad Cake is at Darksouls, i might aswell stream some, just to show him tips and tricks.

I play these games, in this order.
1. Dayz-dayzero.
2. naturalselection 2
3. random fun shit with my funny friend.
4. morrowind, legendary remake.
5. other random funny shit.

4. Speedtest results
not allowed to post links but it said 39ms 5mbit down, 1mbit up.
5. Technical information
8gigs of ram, intel i5 3,4ghz. AMD Radeon HD 7800. (fairly new computer worth 900 euros.)

Crow out.
caw caw caAw


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