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Post  CyanideCake on Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:24 pm

So, you want to become a new streamer on StrokeMyDPad?
Just simply make a thread with your application, and include the following:

1. Your Chatango name
Let us know who you are!

2. Skype name
Skype is the main platform we use to contact each other, so it's best you get an account if you don't already
We'll contact you on here if you're not on the site, to schedule your test stream

3. Why do you want to be a streamer?
Tell us a bit about yourself! What kind of games would you stream, where are you from, why are you entertaining?

4. Speedtest results
Streaming is quite heavy on your network, we'll have to see if your network even allows you to stream games!
Get your results here: and then post a link for us to visit or write it down. Minimum for streaming is 1.0 with a window of -0.05

5. Technical information
In addition to your network, you'll also need a relatively good pc
Post your CPU, RAM and GPU here

Once you've filled this out, we'll get in contact with you asap to organize a test stream (just a basic test where we have a look at your stream and help you get everything working)

(If you're left hanging, don't hesitate to contact CyanideCake or any of the streamers Via Chatango)

Note: There are a number of guides in the tutorials section to help you setting up a streaming program, emulators etc.

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