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Post  Mathak on Sat Jan 12, 2013 8:19 am

So, before I explain to you guys, what I'm about to explain, some of you are probably going to need a bit of background story first.

You may have noticed some of us old timers, mentioning stuff like IoG, Ig and SHH, you may be asking yourselves "What does all this mean?"

Well, before RagnarokSE made Dpad, there was a site called IgnoreOurGirth (And before that, it was named OmegaStreamers, this is irrelevant at our point in time though) or for short IoG. Note that IoG, is different from IG (Insomniac Gamers). IgnoreOurGirth was a streaming site under leadership of a guy who wasn't Rag (I'm reluctant to mention names, they're also irrelevant). I origin from there, as well as many of our other old time members here at Dpad. Long story short, IoG couldn't uphold itself, too much drama, too many trolls, leading to disbelief in the site and feuds and dispute between members. The site owner, choose to close the site.

Now after this, a lot of us, who still wanted to stream, watch streams and be a part of the community, didn't know where to go or what to do and cried our needs. This lead to RagnarokSE creating Strokemydpad along with other old time members of IoG. The site was created in order to be done with drama and as a result of that endeavour Dpad tried to distance itself from original members of IoG who were causing a lot of the trouble leading to its downfall.

Some time went by, and at a point, some of the founding members (The aforementioned from IoG) started to miss certain people from IoG, and wanted them back on the site. There was some disagreement and in the end, members left Dpadto found the new site SaveStateHeroes, or SSH for short, together with their old friends from IoG.
This lead to some members leaving Dpad in order to join them, and some stayed. Take note of this, all choices were made voluntarily and no one on Dpad bears any grudges.

"Then what is IG?" IG, is short for Insomniac Gamers. Most of you may know of them, as they are the oldest and probably largest independent streaming site on the internet. Take note, that no members from IoG, Dpad, or SSH have any real ties towards this site. We may know of them, but we do not KNOW them.

The departure of Ogrest: So, I'm betting all of you know about this now, but here is a quick recap, I may not be the best to explain this situation, seeing as I wasn't there, but if you have questions please do so on skype or pm.

Ogrest and Zenn (Or Gaston) had a fight, a dispute or disagreeing, call it what you want. This lead to Ogrest trying to exact a sort of revenge upon Zenn, long story short They both put Rag in the middle asking the other get banned. Now Rag, being the wise man he is, researched upon the problem, in order to get to the bottom of it. It lead to him discovering Ogrest had been doing foul play, spreading lies of Zenn, and ultimately Rag declined Ogrests request of Zenns ban. This lead to Ogrest leaving Dpad, and joining SSH, still with much discontent in his heart. I don't want to make a big deal or scene here, but Ogrest took the drama to SSH and ensued a raid upon Dpad. I know many of you like Ogrest, in fact, I think we all liked him very much, and find this very hard to believe... But it is the sad truth, and I am mortified that it came down to things like that.

My mistake: Rag asked me to tell our streamers not to stir up shit between the other streaming sites, since he had got a complaint from the head IG. I started out doing this by writing a little reprimand in chatango, thinking I could tell people little by little when they were on. Now here's something I did wrong.
Mathak: So if you absolutely HAVE to go harass IG or SSH
Mathak: Get a new chatango name :p
Mathak: But really you should not do these things
^this was at the end of my reprimand. In my own eyes, it was a clear joke, but it was also a mistake. I should've been more consistent and more careful, apparently it was read by some people at SSH who took offence. Again, this is my fault entirely, I need to learn to be more strict as a mod. I apologize for any harm this may have caused you, and I apologize to any SSH or IG member who might read this, it was never my intention to encourage any harassment or drama, in fact it was quite the opposite. Anyone knowing me, would know this is not how I do things, I loathe and despise internet drama. I was merely trying to lighten the mood with a joke, making my message more likeable and thus making people more responsive to it. I made a mistake, and I am sorry for this.

Now, to the point of this post!

Many may or may not, have noticed drama going on, random people joining our chat room in order to spam (I'm not talking about anons showing up after a thread, this is natural) or people pm'ing you saying bad stuff about Dpad, maybe you were even contacted by someone trying to recruit you for another site.

Now here is the deal people: We do NOT want to create or make illusions of ANY form of dispute between Dpad and SHH (or any other streaming site for that matter) This is NOT the Dpad way, make love not war! You may experience trolling, but I (and all of Dpad) beg of you, to stay vigilant. If there is something you are not sure about, something that puzzles you, feel free to contact any of us mods (Rag, Herian, Guggulf, Creedo or myself) and talk with us.

I will also ask, and, though it may sound harsh, I actually REQUIRE that none of you, our streamers, viewers or anyone who likes to be at Dpad, take any actions towards harassing other streaming sites. Be they SSH or IG, there is not room for more drama, people, and if the drama is going to happen, let it not come by Dpad hands.

If you have any previous beefs with other streaming sites, no matter who they are, you will have to leave this behind you! If you are going to be on Dpad, you can't go around harassing other sites, let old disputes be forgotten and embrace the future with a smile.

I ask once again to show vigilance. Be on the lookout for obvious trolls, report their activity and actions to us mods. If you are being harassed, don't just sit idle and wait for a mod to handle them, tell them back! This is your site too! You are on Dpad for a reason, probably the same reason as me, because we fucking love it here! So don't let anyone tell you otherwise, stand up for yourself! Stand up for the site! Do not let yourself be corrupted! We do not want to attack, but this doesn't mean we shouldn't defend.

The Goal; is to prevent any more drama. No more ill will, no more reasons to attack us. Or at least, mitigate it as much as possible. This is becoming a general rule on Dpad - Do NOT harass other sites. Not as an anon, not as yourself, not under a pseudonym, not at all

All this being said, I hope you read everything thoroughly and understood the message. We love Dpad, so let's all work together to make it prosper. I repeat; Make Love, not War!


- All of Dpad.


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